TZM Molybdenum Disc

Molybdenum Disc Picture

This kind of molybdenum disc has metallic silver luster and was supplied in a shiny, bright, or as-rolled condition. As we have known TZM alloy (typical composition for the Mo-0.5Ti-0.08Zr-0.02C) is the leader in molybdenum alloys, is the amount of more extensive use of a molybdenum alloy. TZM molybdenum alloy with high strength, high heat erosion, abrasion resistance, low temperature mechanical properties and welding properties, high hardness and stiffness, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and good performance can be used for operating temperature of about 1400 °C high temperature structural parts, which has also introduced the advantages of molybdenum disc.

TZM molybdenum disc is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, and metal industry, especially for medical usages to play the role of radiation shield.

TZM molybdenum disc should be made to match specification of pure molybdenum disc, and they are made at the same standard, whose drawing is showed on right.